A newly created company with a thirty-year experience in the sector.

Who we are.We have many strengths

Among the main companies in the stone industry, Gi-Ma Stone is formed by a team with over thirty years of experience. The care and professionalism differentiate Gi-Ma Stone from all the main competitors on the market. Our staff makes use of professionals who go abroad to select the best results efficiently to customer needs. Eurostone India - 100% controlled by Gi-Ma Stone employs a team of collaborators who daily go to the quarries for the selection and purchase of materials for processing in India..

Our Objectives.Offer top quality materials

Gi-Ma Stone's main objective is to supply top-quality materials, carefully selected and coming from different parts of the world, guaranteeing the best offer and a huge selection at competitive prices. The founder of our company goes personally to the countries of production, selecting the best materials available in order to meet every need of national and international customers. Decades of fruitful collaborations with the main suppliers of the sector and Eurostone India allow Gi-Ma Stone to be present on all the markets at the highest levels.

What do we do.Sale of Material and Testing Services

All materials, in the form of blocks and slabs, are selected and tested directly by our staff or by close collaborators, and thanks to the experience in the sector, Gi-Ma Stone is able to offer its customers a first quality service and respond to efficient way to market needs. The collaboration with an Indian company, which has a sawmill inside, using cutting-edge equipment and latest generation machinery, allows the transformation of the blocks into semi-finished products ready to be marketed, always guaranteeing maximum efficiency and timeliness.


Taking advantage of professionalism and the expertise of its technicians
GI-MA STONE choose natural stones carefully in every part of the world, guaranteeing an exclusive and quality material.


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